As is usually the case with modern touchpads, it also supports a number of multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scrolling. Neither has Asus compromised on the hardware. The latest revision of Asus’ popular Metro was released in , but it is still one of the most demanding titles we’ve come across–especially when you turn on DirectX 11 features. However, it is not fast enough to keep up with the highest resolutions when PhysX effects are added to the mix. One of the best parts of the Republic of Gamers laptops is that they are very quiet compared to most if not all other gaming laptops. Memory card reader, LEDs.

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The speaker system has been beefed up compared to the previous models, but just like the G75VW there is a problem with the speakers in the G55VW: Mass storage Storage performance is the weakest link in the G55VW due asus g55 the asks asus g55 that it has an ordinary mechanical hard drive instead of an SSD.

This does asus g55 mean that it is faster than its designation–the M is still slower than the M–but it should offer more performance per watt compared to the older GTX M. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.

The most interesting news in the G55VW is of course the brand new hardware, asus g55 the new quad-core, 22nm Intel processor from the latest Ivy Bridge generation, the Core iQM. Unlike Alienware and lately MSIAsus long ago opted out of more colorful keyboard backlight variations in favor of traditional white LEDs, which is clearly a good choice considering the rest of the design.

Use disassembly tool pry up the HDD door and take it away. The G55VW establishes itself as the fastest notebook in the land and will asus g55 only feed amazing asus g55 experiences today, but is primed to continue delivering them for years to come.


This is a die asus g55 of the predecessor Sandy Bridge and not a major leap forward in terms of performance first and foremost. The illustration below shows how to remove the battery. The G55VW is asus g55 of Asus’ Republic of Gamers series, so gaming performance is high on the list of priorities for this laptop. It is quite possible that the G55VW is asus g55 only laptop in this category that runs as cool and quiet. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

ASUS ROG G55 y G75, un vistazo a los nuevos portátiles jugones para España

Like most displays it becomes hard to read in direct sunlight, but gg55 the G55VW in the shade is not a problem. One of the things that is less ideal is the size–although the screen ssus only The G55VW asus g55 no less than 3. This website uses cookies. The illustrations below show how to remove and disassemble the LCD Module of the notebook.

This also puts a limit on how much you can tilt the display backwards–the lid can only asus g55 opened to asus g55 approximate degree angle.

However, the core clock speed is also asus g55 in the M– MHz asus g55. Outdoor use is actually possible thanks to the matte panel with a high average brightness. Large vents in the rear. Although it is easy to see that the G55VW and the G53SX are from the same series, the inlaid brushed metal highlights gives the new model a more striking appearance.

The G55VW comes with a large power brick rated asus g55 Watts, which appear to be sufficient. Since the graphics core is inactive in assus processor, there are no other major performance enhancements to report asus g55 the Core iQM, but the clock speeds are higher than its predecessor while it retains the asus g55 power consumption TDP. The screen flexes a little bit when mild force is applied, but not enough to affect the impression of a solid chassis.


Remove 3 screws from the brackets and release the cables out of g55 latches.

ROG G55VW | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS USA

Gaming over long periods of time puts increasing demands on both man and machine, but with the G55VW, conquering in comfort is paramount to its success on the saus. Other than the keyboard asus g55 there asus g55 to be very few differences between the various model name extensions so far.

They respond to clicks with a muted, low-pitched sound that isn’t at all disturbing. During light loads with display brightness set to the highest setting, the laptop doesn’t use much more than 30W, but this asus g55 increases to well over W when you apply some load.

Review Asus G55VW-SV Notebook – Reviews

Asus g55, photos and movies can be v55 like never before — in Full HD and true 3D! In Battery Eater’s ‘Reader’ test, with virtually no activity, no WLAN, minimum display brightness and all power-saving asus g55 active, the G55VW stayed alive for 3 hours and 44 minutes.

Take the CPU away.

Consequently, all of them are asus g55 along the sides of the laptop. Temperatures Assus, the temperatures are kept to a minimum thanks to the oversized cooling solution in the G55W.

The Mini Asus g55 is a welcome new addition for the opposite reason, as it helps you connect to newer monitors with very high resolution.