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January 14, 2019

Unfortunately the app I need only runs on Windows and Mac, plus I want the most reliable adapter I can have. ProntoEdit only runs on Windows and only older versions of Windows. For Linux the PL Chipset is probably the best choice. GiffS on January 05, , You need to be careful about this step because if you have used other specialized USB devices with this computer those drivers may also appear in this list and removing them may cause that device to no longer work when you plug it in.

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If this new adapter doesn’t work I’ll probably start doing port captures and figure out that’s going on. Coyote do you think the generic driver you mentioned might do the trick?

How To Program a Philips Pronto Using USB on Mac OS X – Keith Barrett Online

Turns out is for exactly my adaptor. Run the resulting Tonto. GiffS on January 04, Plus xmodem, kermit, uusp, You can now exit preferences. You may want to try some of those commands and see if they influence your situation. I had to finally use this product, which works under Snow Leopard should also under Lion and Mt Lion. Just use linux already Yves on January 04, No universal remotes made today are as versatile as the original Philips Pronto line.


I have not tried Linux yet.

Belkin Serial Usb Driver F5u Windows 7 – careinstruction

It also appears that this Keyspan adapter is f5u49 most multi-os compatible adapter and should meet most needs in general. Thanks for the input folks.

RS and USB are both serial interfaces using different hardware technologies and speeds. I really appreciate the help. Hoepfully someone else belkiin the road will benefit from this thread.

ProntoEdit only runs on Windows and only older versions of Windows. The app I’m using is specific for a piece of hardware; it’s not an interactive terminal program.

F5U109/F5U409 USB PDA Adapter – Drivers

Did you miss your activation email? What software are you using that’s mac or windoze only? The Tonto project itself is no longer active and replaced on SourceForge by another f5u49 with the same name, but the real project can be found HERE.

When you run Tonto, it also brings up a console window with options to see the log files, clear caches, etc. Macs come with all the standard unix clients. This thread raise the beliin of writing down all the serial converter that are now working for you Mac users.

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If you do try that version instead of the one on my site, you need to make sure that:. For this situation a Mac OSX solution is preferred.


For Linux the PL Chipset is probably the best choice. The only way to use this software on a Mac or Linux is in a Virtual Machine and is beyond the scope of this article. Thanks again, I’ll load the driver tonight and post the results.

I might try again later on. Tonto is an OpenSource project to replace ProntoEdit and the software works enough like ProntoEdit that if you are familiar with one you can use the other. Would you be,kin kind to tell us which one is working fine with you and what are the tricks to make it working.

Go into preferences and perform the following steps:. I have the file on a thumb drive and and I will try to load it tonight. I was able to get the link that Yves sent to work and have downloaded the driver for the Belkin that somebody hacked.