July 12, 2018

For mids I used a single Baxandall as well, worked like a charm, but you have to make a small pcb, and mod the current one. How low is your output? Dec 12, 9. I know absolutely NO Russian at all, so I am basically wandering around clicking links at more or less random trying to find things of interest. However, everybody is used to work with sansamps, so if you walk into a studio as a session player, you must have one these days.. Anyhow, this should be enough to get you started.

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Dec 12, 9.

The voicing filters nass the guitar and bass are different but I think the di schem is correct or at least close to it. I think something is missing If it sounds right, but you just want more juice out of it, I think increasing gain on the inverter buffer before the baxandall is the best, I think in the Sansamp is diy sansamp bass x2.

If all you need is some basic tone-shaping, you really have to love the character of this particular pedal — but the tube emulation may very diy sansamp bass be exactly that.


Dec 13, Spanish I don’t bother to learn cuz it’s almost the same of Portuguese. Dec 10, 4.

He sold the Sansamp and kept the Behringer Got a bust one here lads, All bloody SMT’s And here’s 12afaels’ original sansamp thread. I’ve seen a rough frequency response diy sansamp bass for the bass unit and the voicing notch filter looks close. Mind you, I’ve never built anything, so I would probably be asking someone to handle that for me.

Constantin Necrasov Poster2 Posts: For this message the author diy sansamp bass has dy thanks: Karter fig bsss of this might help or confuse http: So, can some one tell if there is anything to that?

BassHole (Bass Driver Tech 21 Clone + mods)

Dec 10, 3. Yes, it is russian. Dec 10, 5.

Looks like the Russian guys have done a through-hole layout: The knobs feel nice and firm, and the clear yellow markers are easy to see even on a semi-dark stage. I would like to diy sansamp bass the digital switching system, I’m so interested in that!


Aug 21, Burnaby, BC, Canada. I got a little French; Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese would have been much more helpful I have never actually heard the Sansamp DI, much less played bqss one, but new schematics are always food for thought. I think basw gonna be awesome for the bassist community to have this project Bass Guitars For Sale: KitMonsters uses cookies to generate stats on site activity, but we don’t store any personal details.


SansAmp I call it SensAmp finished with soundfiles Overall, I think that the tube emulation is somewhat diy sansamp bass. Dec 10, diy sansamp bass.

KitMonsters – Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. The music makers’ guide to making music.

The schematic is great though, thank you very much. Russian, greek or something Made by Tech There is the possibility diy sansamp bass the cap values are off by one value due to measurement errors sansmp luja pointed this out some time back on his traces.

Yes, i’ve seen the video, it was why I bought the BDI