Here are some more for you to consider. I cant even install the drivers for the cards. Intel Core 2 Quad 2. Nvidia driver is the latest which is With “PEG selected the process should be reverse. If you have a male DVI-I connector, it will have one flat metal prong at one end surronded by the 4 small pins. Are ‘Onboard’ and ‘PEG’ functionally the same other than determining the initial boot display?

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Intel Core 2 G41jt-s2 2. With “PEG selected the process should be reverse. This will open a new page call “profile”. Even with g41mt-s2 vga new card installed, the g41mt-s2 vga does not detect it and uses the onboard video.

GA-G41MT-S2 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

g41mt-s2 vga It is then transfer to Windows for its start up. Ahh, yes, that should be tested before any further headaches are caused by fighting with it. If you g41mt-s22 a male DVI-I connector, it g41mt-s2 vga have one flat metal prong at one end surronded by the 4 small g41mt-s2 vga. When you do boot into windows, do Nvidia control panel and Windows see g41mt-x2 2 monitors? February 13, Are ‘Onboard’ and ‘PEG’ functionally the same other than determining the initial boot display?

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As far as I am aware there is no difference after bootup between the PEG and the other options apart from it just guiding the BIOS to which display should be used. What Nvidia video driver version g41mts-2 you using? Do you have the two 6-pin power connectors plugged into the ? G41mt-s2 vga cant even install the drivers for the g41mt-s2 vga.


Motherboard Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2 Driver

If not please update using Qflash or DOS. Home Help Login Register. Your is multiple display capable, why can you use it? Is there anything wrong with your GeForce ? Suggest you re-seat the video card and double g41mt-s2 vga its power connectors.

February 09, Some g41mt-s2 vga have forced them in breaking or bending these four vga pins causing havoc with their video display s. September 20, g41mt-s2 vga, Check the DVI video cable you are using for compatibility with both your video card and its allocated monitor DVI connectors.

In the later stage g41mt-s2 vga the Windows t41mt-s2 process you Nvidia driver should kick in g41mt-s2 vga the monitor attached to your GeForce video card should become available. I had an Radeon series card working fine with this motherboard, but I’ve just tried to install a Radeon HD and the motherboard won’t detect it at all. Hope this works for you, good luck.


Hello Sam, DM brought up some very good points. Does it have or Video memory?

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2 Driver

Have you checked to see if you are running the latest BIOS for the motherboard? As the title says: Great to hear you g41mt-s2 vga able to get the cards recognized by g41mt-s2 vga the CMOS, that’s always an easy fix!! In your situation where you have set the Onboard VGA to always enabled means that it will work even when a external GPU is present in the slot.

I’m pretty sure I’ve g41mt-s2 vga all options, so I’m almost sure the card may be g41mt-s2 vga – which is a pain because the shop is about 2 g41mr-s2 away. Not being able to boot into windows with PEG selected points to something deficient with GE or its driver? Hello Sam, Please post the full part number for your GeForce video card?

I’ve done all that, I’ve even tried booting with no drives to see if it was a power issue. There might also be g41mt-s2 vga firmware update for the GPU.