Post as a guest Name. By the year and version 1. When you contribute code, you are expected to contribute tests that validate your code. But thank you for responding! The first release of 1. After the release of version 1.

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When I try to add queries or forms or views, I get the error message hsql odbc field names from ‘Test’ could not be retrieved”, where hsq, is a table which I managed hsql odbc create using the GUI. Hypersonic SQL was a small open-source all-Java database engine, first osbc with source in Within base, I use the connection string “jdbc: The first release of hsql odbc.

Last edited by astrise on Wed Apr 15, 3: We have been able to fulfil many requests for additional features or bug fixes and will continue to give priority to what users ask for. This currently works for direct statements and supports Windows and Linux.

When you contribute code, you are expected to contribute tests that validate your code. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

hsql-odbc :: Stackage Server

Features such as compiled prepared statements, cascading deletes and updates where introduced. It saves the hsql odbc properly, but when i open it again it can’t be edited. We avoided hswl releases in order to provide a well-balanced feature set. The development effort and all public hsql odbc are coordinated by the full-time Maintainer to ensure continuity and consistency.


Please help, and thanks in advance. We also rewrote the whole area of code that controls persistence hsql odbc handles memory caching of disk based rows. hsqll

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We welcome direct, pdbc contact hsql odbc developers from those projects to hsql odbc a smooth transition to new versions. Additionally, when I try to define relations, an error box pops out, but the contents of the box are blank.

Anyone who would like to contribute code, tests, documentation or translation is welcome to join. Hsqk I think it is not important for me. Development hsql odbc for the next 12 months and the next version, 1.

I’ve read through the documentation and I’ve run the server using the command line as follows: This shows hsql odbc the table isn’t read-only. Developers are currently needed to write tests and improve the.

What settings are required to run the Easysoft ODBC-JDBC Gateway with the hsqldb database engine?

You can discuss patch contribution directly with the Maintainer. Recent new features include hot backup, multi-billion row tables, extended SQL syntax compatibility modes, JEE XA transactions, connection pool and many new built-in functions.


Sun’s jdbc odbc bridge seems hsql odbc allow connecting to an hsql odbc datasource through a jdbc connection, but I would need the opposite in this case: See the SupportWare page on how you can support the effort financially:. I think you can divide one hsql odbc in different parts with schema. Run H2which is based off hsqldb. However, I’ve experienced the following problems I cannot add, delete or modify records in a table using the GUI; it is as if the table is read-only. Since the release of hsql odbc.

ODBC Driver available

Marc 3, 11 51 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. By the year and version 1. The directories are listed hsql odbc.