July 13, 2018

Where can I get this BT device driver? I can now send files from the computer to the phone. Hello Roger, If you are having the same issue as noted by Devin then it would appear you have a system wide Bluetooth issue that needs to be resolved. Even i manually done on iphone properties from devices by updating the same procedure selecting microsoft corporation. Thank you sooooo much!

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Thanks for iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device feedback! I am unable devcie install my iphone 4 to the new laptop I have, OS Windows 7. Oh apple fix this! What should I do next? Do you see the iPhone on the computer when attempting to connect? I am not sure I understand the question. What operating system are you using? Thanks again my friend, you made me very happy.

Hello Rick, No problem! Let us know any details about what the specific issue is and we will try to assist. Are there iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device more details regarding the error of what is missing?

I have N95 and its not connecting and giving the same message that bluetooth peripheral device error I followed all these steps however the problem is still there.? I would suggest making both devices discoverable and pripheral pairing see if there is a password that needs to be added. What exact steps on which iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device are you taking that causes the issue?

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Windows 7 64-Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error, iPhone Driver Issue

Your description was the most detailed, so I thought you might know how to help. This is a very precise and good correct instruction. Troubleshooting Has Completed So after Windows 7 was unsuccessful in guiding me in the correct direction I decided to attempt my own solution which iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device put together after some research.

Hello Periphera, Thanks for posting this information. What I was wanting to use the computer for, is to play music over bluetooth to my laptop from my iPhone.

Hello Jimmy, Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. Showing results for how to remove this type error in iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device computer no bluetooth device was detected,please make sure that your bluetooth device is plugged in properly in order to continue installation. Before that I have already connected it with my Windows 7 bu putting the proper bluetoith. I read your 4a and was able to play music on my computer via bluetooth on my phone.

I believe your issue is related to iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device Windows 7 version you are using.

Bluetooth Peripheral Device & iPhone 4S – Windows

I enjoy being challenged by technology problems and am fortunate enough to get paid to solve them. Thank you deviice much for your time and effort in researching this and sharing it with everyone iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device. Glad to hear the article helped you out! I just followed the instructions step by step and I was able to install the driver successfully. It shows an error.


Bluetootth double click on the file you 4 downloaded which was called drvupdate-amd But when you click on available services, it only shows the Internet connection option — which I cannot use. Has any one tried this with iOS 4.

This is now fixed with my iphone 4s and Samsung NPu2…. You can make the Windows 7 Bluetooth discoverable in the Bluetooth settings but you should turn it off once the iPhone is synced with the computer.

As iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device was gone on the iphone icon from devices and printers but it not allowing me to connect to an internet via bluetooth whereas i can play music on my laptop through iphone via bluetooth.