June 10, 2018

You are downloading trial software. Put it back in the printer and clean the printhead. The printer will pay for itself in the first year, it is so fast compared to the Kodak, no clunking around after it’s been resting. When i tried this hot water solution it looked like it was kick starting the black ink but i tried more and it made no difference. Unless someone is going to tell me that you can’t store them which is pretty useless to me. Dont waste anymore time.

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Uninstall Kodak AiO software program, unplug usb cable to printer, and shut off computer.

Im sure buying the cheap kodak aio 5100 cartridges isnt the best thing for the printer but hey now i will hopefully get a few more years! Are people recommending tried it on different computers to the same printer so dont think its a software issue. Most Helpful Newest Oldest.

Kodak print trays in particular i feel, are manufactured without taking this into consideration so the black tends to get bunged up during sporadic use. Popped it back in the printer and ran the calibration and sure enough it prints fine.

I did what Kodak aio 5100 always do, changed the black ink cartridge and it didn’t print from that point on. Sorry this didn’t help. I ended up spending too many hours messing around with kodak aio 5100 printer in the following days.

Printer won’t print in black. What’s wrong?

Elf30 asked on January 31, Bless you for that suggestion. You can wet down a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and dab the print head and see if you can kodai the kodak aio 5100 flowing again it worked on mine. Then print some pictures to use all the nozzles.


Kodak aio 5100 you can get them to work through warm water i couldnt i imagine you’re probably cleaning the print head in the printer which is what may be fixing the issue because i dont think its the cartridges.

I thouht it the print head dried up and clogged.

Was this answer helpful? Printerhead is most likely the issue. Incidentally, When I checked the properties for the kodak aio 5100 there was a yellow triangle. I have tried everything cleaning heads, I know my driver is fine and setting on the on my C Kodak.

I desperately needed to print an application and your quick fix totally did the trick. Software update did not work thou, so I will start taking it apart I think it is the disc that the ink passes through is blocked. It suits Kodak though because a replacement print tray costs about as much as kodak aio 5100 new, low end yet perfectly acceptable printer The two new printers provide ultimate levels of print quality and ease-of-use, while offering low total cost of ownership compared to other leading consumer inkjet printers on the market.

Iv been trying to us it after haveing it for so many months but it’s printing blue iv looked into the setting moved around kodak aio 5100 ink and nothing kodak aio 5100 still blue so what can I do plz help!!!!! I have even been sent a CD of the complete version of the latest software for the printer that should work with Win7.


I have has the same problem.

Will keep hunting for replacement print heads. With the ink cartridges in it let is sit on a damp pad of paper towels for a couple hours.

Kodak EasyShare Driver | Kodak Driver Downloads

The pigment in black ink is thicker kodak aio 5100 dries much quicker than lighter colours. Finally I got annoyed and took the print kodak aio 5100 to the sink and ran a tap slowly through the black sponge to clear any debris this just popped out of the printer like the ink cartride did.

After a couple of minutes I gave the print head a shake, gentle wipe with paper towel and re-assembled kodak aio 5100 print head and cartridges. Aioo I had nothing to lose I ran the hot tap in the kitchen and allowed the hot water to flow into the print head rinsing out each of the colours and the two blacks.

When i tried this hot water solution it looked like it was kick kodak aio 5100 the black ink but i tried more and it made no difference. We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.

I also found if you leave it turned on so that it can run a cleaning cycle once kodak aio 5100 awile this can be avoided.