Discussion in ‘ Lenovo ‘ started by ickysmits , Sep 21, Nice for the big guys, one supposes, but it appears that for now at least Lenovo’s put a great many other customers into a world of hurt. Grado Labs GW wireless headphones [Review]. It can be used to assign arbitrary commands to certain keycodes. See the linked pages for details. What is the use of thinkvantage toolbox? If you want to customize the program that is launched when the ThinkPad , Access IBM or ThinkVantage button is pressed while the machine is running Windows or XP you can change the following registry entry:.

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A number of them connected it to a perceived butyon of changes, not for the better, since IBM turned the laptop line over to Lenovo.

Enable and customize the blue ThinkVantage button on W8 – Thinkpads Forum

If the Windows operating system is not running properly, the Rescue and Recovery workspace. This is a FAIL. If true, is there a small utility that can find the blue ThinkVantage button and allow me to configure it any way Lebovo want?

It may be obtained by performing a general web search for the phrase “archived flash player. Now I have to manually check for updates on all of them?

This will only work under the Gnome Desktop. In other words, you can create a batch file to run an application and hibernate and keep them in the “C: Thikvantage think I have discussed this with you on the Lenovo forums. To enter the bios press f12 or enter during computer boot sequence, should get you into the bios, which is what the thinkvantage button did. Sorry for the lack of response for your replies.

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Share This Page Tweet. It asks if I want to stop the service to uninstall, and I reply “Yes”, then I get a pop-up saying it will not uninstall until I exit, but it doesn’t. Answer The blue ThinkVantage button can help you in many situations when your computer is working normally, and even when it is not. Paste the following text I used the path to IE, but you can replace this with any path you want: I have encounter this rather weird situation, yet again.

If Xorg recognises the button it can be configured in gnome with gnome-keybinding-properties. The Thinivantage Windows 10 apps of If I attempt to uninstall it again, I get a pop-up saying it is already running the uninstallation, but it is not. See our Sustainability Report. This page was last modified on 26 Januaryat Older versions mapped it to ‘vendor’ because that is the most logical choice.

Buton commenters said that TVSU was a significant purchasing concern for them, either for work or for recommending the ThinkPad to users who might not be otherwise comfortable with proper system maintenance.


To paraphrase most commenters, what was Lenovo thinking? Views Read View source View history. Mozilla Labs is back!

You can also run xev from Xorg to check if Xorg recognises the button when pressed. Since I’m new to the As such the mapping was changed to ‘prog1’ XF86Launch1 under X instead in later versions of the config files.

These instructions are only valid for Windows Vista.

Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards

An alternative is to use xbindkeyswhich can easily be installed with aptitude install xbindkeys or via the Synaptic package manager. This page has been accessedtimes.

The end-of-quarter timing may blus may not provide a clue, as may the fact that TVSU was still hosted on IBM’s servers; Lenovo did not respond to our interview request for this article by press time.

In short – if I can do it, anyone can do it. As advised on some older topic, I installed older, 3.

Technically it is nothing else than a button that can be configured to launch a certain piece of software.