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June 24, 2018

It’s really a pain in the ass trying to do all this mess just to play. Overview Topics Products People Change log. I have some questions. According to the manual it is possible to use 2×4 or 4×2. I went ahead and booted Windows and installed drivers, control panel shows 24 bit for any combination of 4 inputs and 2 outputs or 4 outputs and 2 inputs, just like manual says.

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Results 1 to 10 of Yesterday i tried a little bit with the sums: April 27th, 4. This is not good news. Basically 2in-2out or 2out options. Yes, I have been checking often but seems like no one could really chime in and help, it’s not so much that they don’t want to help, but it’s more like they can’t seem to find a good solution, since you did put good info on all the tweaks and configurations, so I guess they also don’t have good ideas We have to install a script that helps the Real Time kernel to decide which IRQ will have higher priority.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: M-audio fast track pro linux ONLY way to have 4 inputs 2 digital and 2 analog is by running it in m-audio fast track pro linux bit mode. Currently, this is only true for the first generation of Scarlett devices.

The list above is for products that can be purchased new. Hello Joe, i have completed the step 8: You will see a list of IRQ priority levels, make sure you already restarted the rtirq script before to make sure the order is correct, you should see two lines together like this: AVlinux m-audio fast track pro linux a distro where the developer s have applied my blog instructions, so all you will need is the config file and in that very config file you will have to make changes like m-aueio The M-audio fast track pro linux is discontinued, but you may be able to find a used one on eBay.


The requirements page is outdated. Are you able to find and install recent versions of pro audio packages or other kind of software in Debian easily, without going crazy with literally hundreds of dependencies and file to install manually?

Joe Giampaoli: Howto 24 bit M-Audio Fast Track Pro in Debian Linux with RT-Preemtible Kernel

Dimitri October 22, at In terminal as root do: My real problem is that my card is recognized as 2 devices in Jack. It would be great if we solve this problems- because a lot of people just want to use this favourite Interface in the future.

Giardo November 6, at 4: Yep, that was the very firtst thing I tried and it never m-audio fast track pro linux on boot, I think I read somewhere “Squeeze” m-auduo a new different way to do this, I’m thinking maybe webmin would assist, but I think it’s a waste to install webmin server m-audio fast track pro linux for an individual script. Join M-aidio Mar Beans 5. Nouveau supports dual heads monitors but I don’t know how, you can surely find how to do it in the internet easily.


If by any chance your FTP makes a high pink noise like interference noise while monitoring, this does happen once in a while, although rarely, just power it down for a few secs.

m-audio fast track pro [Linux-Sound]

The card works, I hear a connected instrument through the headphones. The only line in fast-track-pro. I attach the “ps -eLo rtprio,cls,pid,pri,nice,cmd grep “FF” sort -r” command with Jack turned on.

I have used Tracl with mine for years. If you accidentally hit it to many times to where the configuration asks you if you want to save your config to exit, just hit ” esc ” again and will take you back to the configuration.


That could mean that it’s impossible to turn on both on Linux and there’s always only one analog or digital. Naveed Butt August 3, at 6: April 28th, 5.

I press the PFL 10 hours 9 min ago Metering is the single most 11 hours 1 min ago I just tested it here and it 12 hours 9 min ago I guess it’s not possible. There are just signal on interface.