The Nomad is a rugged handheld computer designed for people who work outdoors. It’s just a nicely designed consumer camera, but it would earn an impressive IP58 rating even though it has numerous little hardware buttons, a fairly large screen, a microphone and so on. No warranties are given or implied. The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are very good, but not perfect. There is also an audio jack. It costs Trimble extra, but it also shows they care and want to go the extra mile in every respect.

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rtimble It in no way measures up to the great quality of the hardware it runs on. The Nomad’s housing is tapered and curved and feels smaller and handier than those numbers suggest. Gulf Breeze, FL Yet, despite all this, the Nomad doesn’t look and feel like some sort of forbidding experiment from a secret lab.

That’s the hardware side. I cannot overemphasize the sheer feel of precision every single part of the Nomad invokes. It’s gotten better and better and works very well on the Nomad’s high-res screen. Others are in dire need of a fundamental overhaul, such as the ever-infuriating “Connections” utility that seems hell-bent in befuddling users with virtually nonsensical options and a curious insistence on modem connections when almost no one still npmad those.


But then notebooks got more efficient and Pocket PCs worse. The keyboard also comes in two configurations, one with a numeric and one with a “PDA” keypad.

What is the Trimble Nomad The Nomad is a rugged handheld computer designed for people who work outdoors.

We were excited about and quickly recorded some first impressions: This is clearly not a Pocket PC in the sense that you can stick it into a pocket. Below is an actual screen capture from the Nomad with the font set to its smallest size. Custom configuration is made easy with the end cap system. And the nimad surface is very highly reflective.

Well, the iPhone has x pixels on its 3. We also accept credit cards over the phone. Users can still select from four different entry methods: They’re in every PDA, and most are exceedingly wimpy. Else, no problems at all.

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They are too small for that. The reflectivity of the display was worse underwater. I wonder how many people still use Transcriber. So what you get here is a very powerful, very flexible outdoor computing platform nnomad delivers. The Nomad, on the other hand, looks and feels invulnerable and is extremely well put together. We all have to live with that. So I disabled it, while underwater.


Nomad 5 | Handhelds | Trimble MCS

The Nomad’s big 20 watt-hour Li-Ion battery is rated at a full 15 hours of operation with default settings. Down to individual keys on the keypad. If it’s not in the photos it’s not included. I know I mentioned this several times now on what is, after all, a hardware product review. The device comes standard with integrated Bluetooth 2.

The technology is state-of-the-art, and in some areas beyond. The battery is used and may need to be replaced.