Breast implant bottoming out

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Revis uses his innovative Internal Bra technique for correction of bottoming out, double bubble and synmastia also known as symmastia. Bottoming out is a specific example of a post-operative problem requiring a thorough, systematic approach and innovative surgical techniques. Revis has seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients presenting from other offices and other countries with bottoming out of one or both implants.

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January 8th, Posted in Breast Revision. After undergoing breast augmentationmany women enjoy their beautiful new breasts. However, a small number of patients may experience bothersome complications after their procedure.

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Although breast implants bottoming out is uncommon, surgery can be performed to correct this condition and restore the breasts to a more natural and attractive position. Candidates for bottoming out implant revision should be in good overall health and not smoke. Any smoking and anti-inflammatory drugs should be discontinued at least two weeks prior to surgery, as this can cause problems with bleeding and anesthesia. Even though correcting bottoming out is usually a very successful procedure, patients should have realistic expectations about their results.

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One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures offered today is breast augmentation surgery. Even a small increase in breast size can lead to a major difference in their looks. An issue that some patients face after they undergo breast augmentation involves their implant bottoming out.

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Every year, Dr. Brucker sees many Del Mar women for breast revision surgery. Most have had an initial breast augmentation with another plastic surgeon and they are referred to Dr.

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Your breast implants rely on surrounding skin and tissue for support. Bottoming out is the popular term for what happens when the breast pocket has dropped lower than desired. Surgeons might refer to bottoming out as a lengthened nipple-to-fold distance.

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The ideal breast might have 55 percent of the breast volume below the plane of the nipple. However, sometimes the implant stretches out the tissue on the underside of the breast too much or does not settle in the correct position. The breast mound may be in the correct position, but the nipple and areola are too high, or the implant and fold settle too far down on the chest wall.

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Many patients are familiar with the term but have no idea what it implies. A bottomed out implant will appear to be sitting below your natural breast fold. It looks like the implants dropped below your real breast.

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Bottoming out is a surgical complication that may occur after breast augmentation. If your breast implants are bottoming out, Dr. Boyd can perform breast revision surgery to correct this complication and improve your results. Bottoming out is when a breast implant slides below the inframammary fold the crease underneath the breast.


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