Sir, I want tow broadband use in on Ptcl line in one time. Saim Mughal New Member Dec 25, Wifi repeater will recieve signals from your main router and create a new network of its own hence extending the area where you can use wifi. Open Firefox or whatever browser you use for surfing websites and type in the routers default IP address in the address bar which in our case is http: I want to change no.

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PTCL Smart Spot (PTCL WiFi)

You would see a log in prompt and your default id and pass word are both “admin” without the quotes. If you have further questions then wla post ptcl wlan usb reply here and I would be more then happy to help you every step of the way if you are still not able to get it right. Forums New posts Find threads Unanswered threads Ptcl wlan usb forums.

Have you contacted the manufacturer’s customer support? Hunny New Member Sep 8, EVO Nitro Cloud 9. Pirate Member Jul 31, Is ptcl wlan usb possible Please answer me Thanks. Thanks for the guidance about to WiFi router.

Bro, I did by using ptcl wireless signal and it connected with tp link and tp link wireless modem also through signal the around a near area but there was a problem that was it did not browse it this thing I did not understand ptcl wlan usb and I am to find the solution of this hsb. Go to DHCP option and click on disable.


PTCL coverage network throughout Ptcl wlan usb.

Issue is when going to connect using notebook Wifi, it shows “limited connectivity” until I reboot router. So i need to join ptcl network because those users have using ptcl internet they ysb also send the print jobs to my network.

Shabbir Ptcl wlan usb Member Jun ptcl wlan usb, These Packages are not available for new sales. Once you save the new IP address your router will automatically reboot. I want to change no.

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Sir I have a ptcl router should i apply these setting in ptcl router? Yes you can use two wifi routers and configuration would be exactly the same as mentioned above.

This will restart your modem using the new settings that we have saved in all the above stept. If you want ptcl wlan usb connections you can use a modem with an inbuilt router and connect whatever you want with that router.

EVO 3.1 Mbps

Yes you can connect a router with your existing router ptcl wlan usb create a new wlam zone but you will need to run a cable to the new router unless it has a repeater function.

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Resetting by pressing the reset button will restore all the factory settings including the default user name and password. Zohaib Cheema New Member Ussb 15, MFarooqs New Member Nov 27, For further details, visit: Find threads Unanswered threads. Ptcl wlan usb may check out our EVO 9.

Noman Ahmed New Member Ptcl wlan usb 22, Admin Administrator Staff member. My questions is this can i use my ptcl network to another network. There are repeaters available that you can buy for this specific purpose ptcl wlan usb you wont need any cables and the repeater will connect to your existing wifi network and will create a new wifi zone for covering an extended area.

Can u please help me to find solution to this problem? Last edited by a moderator: