Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Reading sector 0 or sector 1 of this card requires authentication with key A or key B. This is used for internal communication i. This manual describes in details interfaces and supported commands available for developers using SDI in their applications. SDI is a contactless reader designed to communicate with user tokens. This command can be used for all supported technologies.

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Download and install SCM Microsystems Inc. SDI Generic USB Smart Card Reader – driver id

Set of APDU for sdi011 smart card reader storage user tokens Operating systems supported by DFU tool: Sending escape commands to SDI Escape command APDU 6.

Licenses If the document contains source code examples, they are provided for illustrative purposes only and subject to the following restrictions: For this reason, Rader Microsystems has implemented in its driver only 1 slot by default.

Your submission has been received and will be reviewed. To answer to the reader, the integrated circuit si of the user sdi011 smart card reader modulates sdi smart card reader way of loading impedance the field generated by the reader. If the document contains technical drawings related to SCM Microsystems products, they are provided for documentation purposes only.

SCM SDI011 Dual Interface contact/contactless card reader

Reference manual sdi011 smart card reader Author: Initialization and anti-collision Identification cards — Contactless sdi011 smart card reader circuit s cards — Proximity cards Part 4: The generated current is proportional to the magnetic flux going through the antenna of the user token.


The magnetic field generated by Rearer has a carrier frequency of The application-specific logic has to be implemented by software developers on the host. Product Alert Get e-mail alerts on latest products!

The SDI returns an error if no card is placed on it. It assumes knowledge about Please update your browser.

General information about SDI 3. CCID messages supported The following CCID messages are supported both for czrd contact and the contactless interfaces when received through bulk-out endpoint.

Using this command can improve the polling efficiency of SDI for applications where only type A sdi011 smart card reader only type B cards are expected. Escape commands for the contact interface It first selects the issuer application using its AID 0xA0 0x00 0x00 0x02 0x47 0x10 0x01then selects the DG1 file 0x01 0x01 and then does a read binary.

To put the SDI back into its default mode, either the SDI has to be unplugged and plugged again or the application can send again the same escape command. You will receive exactly what is pictured. It is controlled by the device controller through registers. Such environments may be corporate where physical and logical access control is implemented. Annex D — Mechanical drawings Parameters like the geometry and specially the relative size of the reader and user token sdi011 smart card reader directly influence the inductive coupling and therefore the communication.


When Auto PPS is disabled discussed in escape messages section the reader works at the default baud rate of kbps. Applications may call this function, to set the desired mode.

SDI was primarily designed and optimized to reaader with user credentials of various technologies having the size of a credit card.

The maximum speed supported by SDI is Kbps by default.

Contactless and Contact Smart Card Reader Dual MIFARE® and IC Chip Card Reader Writer [SDI011]

For those when the contact interface is powered up the contactless interface is disabled. The ID Infrastructure division from Identive Group offers the world’s broadest range of contact, contactless and mobile smart card reader and terminal technology, digital identity and transaction platforms, as well as systems that integrate physical and logical access control.

The manual targets software developers. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur sdi011 smart card reader a particular sdi011 smart card reader.